Despite the obvious dangers of alcohol, it is still much more publically accepted than cannabis. But can you imagine what life would be like if people treated alcohol like weed? Not only would alcohol be harder to get, but it would also require a prescription, depending on where you live. In this Buzzfeed video, you’ll get to see for yourself what the world would be like if everyone treated alcohol the way they treat weed. Be sure to check it out below.

If we treated alcohol the way we treat weed

Unlike cannabis, it’s easy to get alcohol. All you need is to be is of legal age, carry an I.D., and you’re all set.

However, there’s a lot more to it than that when it comes to purchasing pot. While some states will let you buy it with a medical marijuana card, others might send you straight to jail if you get caught carrying even the tiniest amounts.

Buzzfeed Video explore what life would be like if everyone treated alcohol the way they treat weed. From buying your beer from a sketchy dealer to receiving unnecessary charges for possessing it in public, life would be pretty crazy if alcohol and pot switched roles.

First, the video shows a situation that some of you weed-smokers know all too well, not getting your money’s worth of bud. Only this time, the dealer rips off the woman by giving her only three beers. Meanwhile, she asked for six.

Then, about 1:36 seconds in, a cop spots the same woman carrying beer. She claims she has a prescription, but the officer still charges her with intent to distribute.

Also, he suggests she start smoking weed like a normal person. When’s the last time you heard that come from a police officer’s mouth?