Jane West and Doreen Sullivan are working hard at their respective companies to bring beautiful smoking vessels to market. Jane West’s collaboration with glass producers GRAV has produced a line of glass with luxe, modern elements unlike any other. Equally as beautiful, Sullivan’s company called My Bud Vase is giving antique vases another lease on life as classy, vintage vessels for cannabis consumers.

High-class glass

Beautiful Bongs For 1 Beautiful Bongs And High Class Glass For Sophisticated Smokers
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These aren’t your average glass pipes and bongs. Jane West says her new line of cobalt blue glass was years in the making, and it’s only the beginning. Her dream of creating pieces that deserve to adorn any living room has come true with the launch of her first collection in collaboration with Grav Labs.

Doreen Sullivan also sees the potential for high-class glass. One day, she was staring at a Venetian antique vase on her shelf and wondered how she could turn it into a water pipe – it was the blossoming of her company, My Bud Vase.

Sophisticated smokers

Beautiful Bongs For 2 Beautiful Bongs And High Class Glass For Sophisticated Smokers
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These women are bringing a positive influence the cannabis culture with innovation. With their glass, West and Sullivan are bringing normalcy and sophistication to the smoking paraphernalia sector.

The products encourage consumers to showcase their love for cannabis in their home, instead of hiding it in the closet. Dependent on individual home decor and style, either one could fit right into any room.

The two lines really have something for everyone. While My Bud Vase brings a fun and funky vintage flare, the Jane West collection looks like modern pieces of art.

Beautiful bongs

Beautiful Bongs For 3 Beautiful Bongs And High Class Glass For Sophisticated Smokers
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West teamed up with scientific glass producer Grav Labs to come up with her line of borosilicate glass pieces. Each item is made with the purest silica in the world, and pure cobalt ore gives the collection its distinctive deep blue hue.

Her first line of glass is in cobalt blue, but she plans on bringing amber and green glass to market to complete her Fall collection. Eventually, she wants to add jade, and white to the mix for a Spring collection.

Sullivan’s My Bud Vase uses a variety of glass. From Murano and Blenko art glass to hand-thrown clay vessels, to the funky glass of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, Sullivan carefully selects each one for form and function.

Sullivan encourages her customers to appreciate the vintage nature of each piece and to anticipate and embrace any slight imperfections from their previous lives.

About the creators

Beautiful Bongs For owners Beautiful Bongs And High Class Glass For Sophisticated Smokers
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Jane West, is the CEO of a cannabis lifestyle brand by the same name. She designs and develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream consumers to experience the benefits of cannabis and take part in the legal lifestyle.

West knows a thing or two about business, as she is also the founder of Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization.

Doreen Sullivan is a brand expert and national speaker on creativity in business. Sullivan is also known for distinctive product development.

Creating an artistic product that could be discreet and yet could fit into any room in your house was Sullivan’s goal. After a year of broken vases, she developed the craftsmanship necessary to adapt a variety of vintage finds into fine smoking implements.