It’s always an awkward moment when someone tells you that you smell like weed, which is why these two guys decided to make a video about it, resulting in as many different reactions as you could imagine.

Dude, you smell like weed

YouTube pranksters, Chris DiFolco and Big Daws, took to a college campus – one that is a smoke-free campus, no less – to tell people they smell like weed. By pretending to be lost, DiFalco and his homie approach people to ask for directions before springing it on them:

Dude, you smell like weed.

You smell like marijuana.

You guys smell like that loud shit.

The chronic.

But, if someone told you, wouldn’t you automatically think it’s an undercover cop that is trying to entrap you? Well, that’s not always the case, especially in the era of YouTube.

As you could imagine, it doesn’t always go smoothly, as DiFalco does get recognized before he can ask the question.

The reactions vary greatly, going from what you’d expect to the complete opposite, too. One encounter leads to an extremely awkward moment when the prankee looks just as out of place as you’d expect.

The answers to the accusations range from, “Nah, I just got out of a meeting” to “it’s just body odor” and just plain old “no” – while another tells DiFalco that he doesn’t smoke, but it might be his tobacco or rolling papers.

That’s when the prank is stepped up, with the pranksters saying they’re “sitting next to a damn junkie” or “POTHEAD!”

But some of the marks have questions for him, too, asking why would they get in trouble for smelling like weed? Or, you know, body odor.

How would you react to this?