What’s the best way to get past those blind date jitters? It seems that it could be as easy as smoking a bowl, as shown in this video.

People smoke weed on a blind date

You want to start with the bong or the joint?

Really, can you think of a better way to begin a blind date? Well, it does get better, ‘cause there was a supply of Pop-Tarts, Lucky Charms and Gushers, too.

The team at Cut, who were behind everyone’s favorite viral video “A Priest, a Rabbi and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together”, have another classic that sees blind dates smoking weed on, well, blind dates.

Unlike most blind dates that begin with awkward questions about what each person does for a job, one of these dates begins with someone asking who wants to smoke first, which is followed by the typical and not-so-typical first date questions being asked.

The questions, being read from cards that were supplied to the would-be couples, range from the basic to the deep. As expected, the answers vary, with questions such as “what is your type?” and ” do you believe in love?”

Some of the answers are what you’d expect, while others – such as “there is more of an elegant and elaborate interconnectivity to what we do – is not what you’d expect on a first date.

And, yeah, that guy is high.

As the dates go on, the questions continue, with stuff like “what sounds do you make during sex?” That’s one that would come up on some blind dates, occasionally, depending on how many drinks each person has had.

The awkwardness continues, with each being asked what they think their date’s most unattractive feature is, which sees some truthful answers.

At the end of the date, instead of doing body shots – c’mon, that happens on most dates, right? – the dates do shotguns with one another.

But, the most important question is – and one that’s asked in the video – is should people be stoned on first dates more often?

You’ll have to watch to find out if that’s the case.