From the moment Dave Chapelle abandoned his hit TV series, having walked away from a deal worth $50 million, fans have been waiting for his return to television. That’s where Netflix came to the rescue.

Netflix brings back Dave Chapelle

Yes, Dave Chappelle is back, making his return to the screen with what is a pair of blistering, never-before-aired specials from his personal vault.

In a special two-show event, the comedy legend returns to burn up the stage with sly digs, edgy commentary, and unfiltered hilarity.

While he has been missed from screens (both big and small), don’t think that Chappelle hasn’t been working, ‘cause he hasn’t stopped. The only difference is, he hasn’t been featured in television or movies, having chosen to go back to his roots performing at some of the most iconic comedy venues in the country.

But, all that matters is that Dave’s back, thanks to Netflix releasing The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live At the Hollywood Palladium and Deep In The Heart Of Texas: Live At Austin City Limits.

If you’ve already mainlined each, don’t despair, as there’s one more special to be screened. The third, which is currently unnamed, will screen at a later date.

While it’s not known how much exactly he got paid, the deal – inked in the fall of 2016 – was said to be worth more than the one he walked away from, back in 2004.

Another interesting fact is that even though The Age of Spin is the first in the lineup, it was actually recorded a year after Deep in the Heart of Texas, despite the former being the first to be ordered by Netflix.

As you’d expect from Chappelle, it’s never just an ordinary routine, with some one-man sketches proving that Dave has still got it.

With the topics ranging from the times he met O.J. Simpson – four times, no less – to Paula Deen and even how the success of Kevin Hart affected him, it seems to be the Dave Chappelle of old.

What does Kevin Hart think?