Before the Late Show, Stephen Colbert spent close to a decade playing the role of “self-important right-wing commentator” on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, which obviously helps him mimic and mock politicians like Sessions, whose claim that cannabis is “only slightly less awful than heroin” makes him an easy target.

Colbert on Sessions on weed

Welcome to the Late Show. He’s your host, Stephen Colbert, whose monolog on the Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ stance on marijuana needs to be seen.

And, yes, Sessions did say just that. He also recently said that cannabis with high levels of THC is making more people more violent.

While on the campaign trail, President Trump promised not to go after legal cannabis, but his pick for United States Attorney General – one Jeff Sessions – proves that might not actually be the case.

And Spicer’s remarks aren’t much better, as he recently claimed that cannabis is the culprit behind America’s current opioid epidemic. Even though states with legalized cannabis have lower opioid addiction rates.

In the latest tirade against cannabis, Sessions claimed that using marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin addiction, which is just offensive as it is false.

Although, as bad as those unchecked comments by Sessions are, the rant did prove to be good material for Colbert. On the March 21 broadcast of the Late Show, he launched into a monolog that took aim at both the Trump administration and Sessions, with the latter being the real butt of the joke.

By first being introduced with a title – “Attorney General and Forest Gnome Whose Riddles Are Kind of Racist” – that is just as outlandish as his claims about cannabis, Colbert went on to mock the former senator.

With a stereotypical Southern accent, Colbert mimicked Sessions’ remarks, even giving his own comparison, by stating that,

…burning your tongue on hot cocoa is only slightly less awful than being set on fire.

Yes, you definitely need to watch this.