In case you haven’t heard, the infamous Tupac is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But who will be inducting one of the best rappers of all time? As it turns out, that honor goes to another rapper you know and love, Snoop Dogg. Not only was Tupac like a brother to Snoop, but they also are former Death Row Records labelmates. And on April 7th, Pac will become the first solo rap artist to enter the legendary halls.

Snoop Dogg is inducting Tupac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Snoop Dogg Will 1 Snoop Dogg Will Induct Tupac Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
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It’s official, Tupac will soon be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not only did Pac’s music impact the lives of millions, but so did his life in general.

The question everyone has wanted to know is who will have the honors of inducting the best rapper of all time? That privilege goes to Snoop Dogg, a dear friend and Death Row Records labelmate of Tupac.

According to Snoop, he and Pac were more than just former labelmates. In fact, they were practically brothers,

My relationship with ‘Pac was like a brother relationship.

We were the same age so it was a relationship where we look at each other and admire each other.

And on April 7th, Tupac will become the sixth rap artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Notably, he will also be the first-ever solo rap artist to receive the honor.

N.W.A, Run-D.M.C., Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash, and the Furious Five are the other rap sensations being inducted. Pearl Jam, Yes, Joan Baez, Journey, and Electric Light Orchestra will join the class of 2017 as well.

Will Dr. Dre join Snoop?

Snoop Dogg Will 2 Snoop Dogg Will Induct Tupac Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
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It’s possible that Snoop Dogg won’t be the only one paying tribute to Tupac. According to various sources, rumors suggest that Dr. Dre will be joining Snoop at the ceremony.

TMZ reports that Dre, Snoop, and a few others could perform three of Pac’s hit songs. But for now, rumors are just rumors.

Although the final lineup isn’t set and stone, one sure thing is that everyone will be celebrating Tupac and his legacy. Snoop Dogg is beyond the most excited, though,

‘Pac brought a spirit to the studio that was different than anybody we ever worked with.

He had a spirit – like this n**** could be in three different rooms at one time makin’ music. He would never listen to it.

When the two rappers first met, they weren’t familiar with each other’s music. However, they quickly bonded during a smoke session.

Soon after that, Tupac joined Snoop and Dr. Dre on Death Row Records. Ever since then, Tupac has continued to impact and influence dozens of artists and his fans.

Tupac’s biopic All Eyez On Me will be released on June 16th, which would also have been Pac’s 46th birthday, which makes the release date that much more special.