If one architect gets his wish, Manhattan’s skyline might get thrown for a loop, with the U-shaped skyscraper. Basically it would be the world’s longest building that’s bent in half.

Manhattan’s skyline might get thrown for a loop

Despite one of its more known developers having taken public office, the City That Never Sleeps will still have an ever-changing cityscape, which sees new developers attempting to make skyscrapers even taller.

But Ioannis Oikonomou is not only wanting to build a tall skyscraper, he also wants to turn it on its head, which he might just do with what he calls the “Big Bend” – a U-shaped tower that could be the world’s longest building.

The “Big Bend” – designed by Oikonomou’s own firm, Oiio Studio, based in Athens and New York – dwarfs the One World Trade Center and even Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Just how long is the “Big Bend?” Well, measuring from the footpath to the building’s peak, the building would be 200 feet taller than One World Trade Center, which is currently the largest tower in the city.

It is set to keep that honor for the foreseeable future, though, as the “Big Bend” is still only a design. While Oikonomou sent the design to developers, he is still seeking the investors that will make it a reality, which will no doubt be helped by the exposure it is receiving online.

He is said to be confident that plans will move forward, as so many developers will do whatever it takes to get a better return on their investment, just one of the attributes of building a skyscraper that doesn’t take up much space but fits even more people.

If built, the residential building would be located on the southern border of Central Park, an area that is home to many luxury skyscrapers (hence being know as “Billionaire’s Row”).