Love using a vaporizer? Well, obviously – they’re awesome. Love the high you get from it? Definitely. In order to keep those highs consistent and flavorful, it is so important that you use a grinder to break up your herb.

Why should you use a weed grinder?

make grinder ground weed A Complete Guide To Buying Your Next New Weed Grinder
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We’ve all broken up bud with our hands. When you’re a first-timer, that’s your go-to method to getting that joint rolls as fast as possible. You’re more sophisticated now, though, and you know that sweaty hands make breaking weed up incredibly challenging, not to mention frustrating.

A grinder will turn your beautiful buds into finer pieces, allowing you to get the most out of your vaporizer. Sounds pretty good, right? In addition to getting more out of your vape experience, finer pieces will help you to better maintain your vaporizer, making it last longer.

When it is time to purchase a new grinder, there are so many options. So many that it can get a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind that you want something non-toxic, because duh, but also something that works efficiently. Let’s examine some of your grinder options!

Grinders are made of different materials, but you also have different options, because grinders can have multiple compartments.

  • Two piece grinders get the job done, but sometimes the piece size is inconsistent, which sucks!
  • In a three piece grinder, the smaller pieces fall into the lowest compartment, which is great because it separates the various sizes.
  • A four piece grinder is for the pros – the third compartment collects kief and pollen, giving you with the sweet stuff to make butter or top off your favorite edible.

Metal grinders

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  • Metal grinders can be made out of titanium or aluminum.
  • Both titanium and aluminum are incredibly safe due to very high melt points, so if some flakes off, you have nothing to worry about, friend.
  • If you take good care of a metal grinder, it can last you a lifetime!

Wood grinders

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  • There are unique because they are difficult to mass produce – go you for considering a special product!
  • Great for cannabis users who appreciate organic materials.
  • Sometimes the varnish can mix in with your bud.
  • Usually only a one compartment grinder.

Acrylic grinders

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  • A durable material (despite common thought) due to its high melting point – it’s safe folks!
  • The cheapest grinder option.When compared to the other types of grinders, acrylic grinders are the least durable. If you use a grinder often, this may not be a good option for you.

No matter what material and type of grinder you choose to purchase, it gets the job done. If you’re looking for a one to last longer, we’d advise you to pick up a metal or aluminum grinder with four pieces.

Be willing to spend a little more money, but you’ll have a product you use every day.