As always, BuzzFeed’s Worth It is out to sample different things – especially food – at different price points, which has brought them to the humble (and not-so-humble) taco.

$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

In the third episode of BuzzFeed’s second season of Worth It, Steven, Andrew and Adam – the ubiquitous camera and sound guy – compare tacos at drastically different price points.

This is closest thing to drugs I’ve ever experienced.

And with that, the team at BuzzFeed up the ante, especially if you’re reading this while on the look out for something to satisfy your munchies.

From donuts to buffets, eaten from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the guys have been eating well. But, for this episode, they are changing things up by starting with the most expensive taco – priced at 47 bucks  and going back from there, in terms of price and not necessarily quality.

Yes, that hasn’t been a typo throughout the article, as the first and most expensive taco costs $47.00. That’s to be expected when the taco is topped with caviar, though.

Next up, it’s back to LA and the next price point down, at $2.75 a piece. For that amount, the braised meat – if you choose meat, that is – tacos aren’t topped with caviar, but onions, prepared in a family-owned and operated business.

Sure, the final stop doesn’t actually sell one-buck tacos, but $1.25 is close enough. Of course, for that price, it’s from a taco truck. But it happens to be one of the more famous taco trucks in Los Angeles.

What’s the verdict from Steven, Andrew and Adam? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Once again, the real secret is being able to watch this video all the way through without heading out to eat, ‘cause it will surely make you want to do so!