If you want to know where to find some of Snoop’s most hilarious posts, there’s no better place than Twitter. From memes to selfies, Snoop loves entertaining his followers. And thank goodness, because his posts are enough to turn even the worst of days around. In case you need a bit of upliftment, here are 11 tweets from Snoop Dogg that will make you laugh until you snort.

1. When you’re single and think you have it all figured out

If it helps you sleep at night, just go with it.

2. HMU if you need weed


3. Moms be like…

That time you tried convincing your mom that you weren’t high.

4. Seeing other stoned people out in public

Before you know it, you’ve made a new friend.

5. Polite conversation

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. Step brothers

Snoop and Dre go way back.

7. Ben Carson

Also known as Uncle Ben.

8. Don’t be a square

Snoop prefers well-rounded people over squares.

9. Bad hair day


10. Slam dunk

11. When the coach places you in the wrong league