When the secret menu is lacking, it’s time to get hacking. That’s right, it’s time to start thinking outside the box – and the taco shell – with these secret Taco Bell hacks.

Taco Bell secret menu hacks

The guys from Good Mythical Morning have the secret taco bell hacks you never knew you were missing. Being the good guys that they are, they visited Taco Bell and did some research for you, by ordering a bunch of stuff off the regular menu.

“Okay,” you’re probably saying, “how is that research for me?”

Well, the Good Mythical Morning team bought regular items that can be combined to make new items that nobody else will have unless they’ve watched this video.

The first is the “Mexicrunch Wrap Pizza Supreme” that combines a Crunchwrap Supreme and a Burrito Supreme, which might be better than the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell, but you may or may not agree with that.

While putting the menu hacks together will raise an eyebrow or two, ‘cause you’ll have to squeeze the content of a burrito on to the Crunch Wrap Supreme, it looks like such hijinks will be worth it. As the hosts say, “Just squeeze all the enjoyment out.”

But that’s only the first hack, which isn’t even the best, with what is possibly the best being saved for last.