While many talented artists were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend, Tupac Shakur’s induction by his longtime friend Snoop Dogg stood out the most. Before performing on stage, Snoop delivered an emotional speech that highlighted not only his friendship with Pac but also his numerous accomplishments as an artist. In addition to Snoop’s tribute, Alicia Keys, T.I., and YG also performed on his behalf.

Snoop Dogg and his longtime friend Tupac Shakur

Rap is no stranger to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. However, it’s Tupac‘s induction that has made the most impact.

Over the weekend, Snoop Dogg inducted his longtime friend and fellow labelmate Tupac into the Rock Hall. Before his musical performance, Snoop delivered an emotional speech to highlight not just Pac’s character, but also his many accomplishments.

Though it’s been over two decades since Tupac’s passing, Snoop is still honoring Tupac’s influence on the rap game. And of course, his kind nature,

While many remember him now as some kind of thugged-out superhero, Tupac really was only good, and he represented through his music like no one before.

It’s the fact that he never shied away from it. He wore it like a badge of honor.

When he loves he loves hard, whether it was black people, his homies, his record label, or his lovely and strong mother, Afeni Shakur.

In addition to Snoop’s tribute, Alicia Keys, T.I., and YG also performed on Pac’s behalf. While Keys played a handful of songs, including I Get Around and I Ain’t Mad At Ya, Snoop and YG performed 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.

As for T.I., he arrived repping Tupac’s iconic leather corset and bowtie bandana, all of which made his cover of Keep Ya Head Up that much more meaningful.

The good days

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Snoop’s speech had a serious tone for the most part while he was praising Tupac. But when it came time to reminisce about the good days with his friend, you hear his change of voice.

Notably, Snoop mentioned that it was Tupac who handed him his very first joint,

That’s right, Tupac is the one that got Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I was a zig-zag man before that.

Also, Snoop reminisced over the time when he and Pac went parasailing after the rapper was released from prison,

I had just beat my case and Suge had taken us to South America to get away from all the drama and me and ‘Pac was parasailing. You heard right. Snoop Dogg and Tupac parasailing together.

You got to remember, I had just beat my case and ‘Pac had just got out of prison. Does anybody know what parasailing is? Because we damn sure didn’t.

All in all, no person could have introduced the greatest rapper of all time into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame better than Snoop Dogg. From beginning to end, Snoop delivered a heartwarming message that no one will ever forget,

You will always be the best. You will live on forever. Legends always do.

They can’t take this away from you, homie. I love you, Tupac. Welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.