“Get High, Get a DUI,” is the name of a “3/20 Movement” created by Lyft and Colorado’s Department of Transportation. The campaign will offer free and discounted rides throughout April for residents who are celebrating the month’s 4/20 festivities. Though the impacts of cannabis-impaired driving are far less dangerous than that of alcohol or certain prescriptions, the campaign seeks to decrease the potential for DUIs and improve the safety of Colorado’s roadways.

The details

Colorados Dept Of 1 Heres How To Claim Your Free Lyft Ride Celebrating 4/20 In Colorado
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Ride-sharing service, Lyft is providing discounted or free rides from now until the end of 4/20. Their slogan for the campaign, “Plan a ride before you’re high,” will be painted on their special fleet of 17 green vehicles.

Though all Lyft drivers are participating, those who are lucky enough to land a ride in the green cars will automatically receive a discount of up to $10.

CDOT’s Involvement wiyj Lyft


Colorados Dept Of 3 Heres How To Claim Your Free Lyft Ride Celebrating 4/20 In Colorado
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A CDOT survey conducted last year found that over half of the cannabis users in Colorado believed that it was safe to drive while high. Some reports have suggested that marijuana-related traffic deaths have increased Colorado since its legalization in 2013.

As with most law-enforcement agencies in legalized states, the Colorado State Patrol is keeping an eye out for high motorists and has developed savvier techniques in recent years to spot them.

According to Colorado’s DMV, a DUI will earn motorists an,

Administrative license revocation for 9 months; $600 to $1,000 fine; up to 1 year in jail; up to 96 hours of community service; alcohol education.

CDOT recently rolled out a campaign called, Dangerous Combinations. Its intent is to educate drivers regarding the dangers of driving while under the influence of cannabis. Officials are posting safety messaging and signage in areas frequented by recreational pot users.

Lyft’s General Manager Gabe Cohen clarified why the company sought to partner with CDOT,

There is no question that ride-sharing is saving lives. Studies have shown the availability of services like Lyft can reduce alcohol-related driving arrests by up to 51 percent.

We believe, with proactive public awareness campaigns like this one and convenient and affordable transportation like Lyft, we can begin to reduce the number of Coloradans driving under the influence of marijuana.

Preparing for 4/20


Colorados Dept Of 2 Heres How To Claim Your Free Lyft Ride Celebrating 4/20 In Colorado
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CDOT and Lyft’s “320 Movement” is also looking to stem the potential for marijuana-related crashes following one of the world’s biggest cannabis crowds taking place at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver.

Hailed as “The Official 420 Rally,” tens of thousands are expected to appear to celebrate 4/20. The event will have a free concert featuring rapper 2 Chainz and several vendors. According to,

If you include the early years when [former Governor Ken Gorman] began what is now the largest and most prolific gathering of smokers in the world, the Denver 420 Rally has been leading the march for cannabis freedom for over 20 years.

Any weed-friendly Denver resident who may be interested in receiving a discounted ride before 4/20 should check their Lyft app for promo codes. The codes are released each Sunday leading up to 4/20, at 3:20 p.m.