Since it’s a new week, we here at HERB want to help start it off the right way. For this reason, we have come up with yet another list of tempting munchies. Though you won’t find any jaw-dropping weed nugs in this post, you’re at least getting the next best thing: food. After all, if it wasn’t for food, how else would you defeat the munchies? From pasta to parfaits, here are this week’s top 10 munchies from Instagram.

1. The Charleston Nasty Biscuit

Mmm, chicken biscuits. One of the best breakfast foods of all time. But have you ever seen one drenched in gravy and cheese? As can be seen, it’s a game-changer.

2. Southern comfort

WOW OKAY. (📷: @northdixiekitchen) #eatmunchies

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What goes great with ribs and BBQ? Mac & cheese, coleslaw, and a piece of toast of course. If you’re from the south, then you’ll appreciate this tasty meal.

3. Breakfast pasta

Raise your hand if you’re a pasta-for-breakfast person ✋️(📷: @elenabesser) #eatmunchies

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Pasta isn’t just for lunch and dinner. In fact, noodles are great to have first thing in the morning. Just add some bacon and egg, and before you know it you have carbonara, a classic Italian dish.

4. Dessert Parfaits

* Left or right? ✨ 📷 @fluffegram 💖

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It’s hard to say which looks the tastiest. First, you have Oreos and what appears to be cotton candy on your left. And on the right, there are sweet strawberries, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more. Which parfait would you choose?

5. Chocolate donuts

Until now, no chocolate-covered donut has ever looked more perfect. Can you imagine biting into one of these after a smoke sesh? The experience would be heavenly, to say the least.

6. Beets blackberry smoothie

Are you on a liquid diet? Or, do you just really love smoothies? If so, then feast your eyes on this delight. Not only does this smoothie come with freshly-picked blackberries, but also sweet red beats.

7. Easterlicious

Unleash your inner cookie monster with these babies. These cookies will make for an excellent Easter Sunday dessert. Not to mention, they will satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Shrimp fries

Sure, chili cheese and fries are a great combo. But have you ever tried shrimp fries? It’s safe to assume a pot-smoker came up with this genius concoction.

9. Cheese pizza

Pizza is life. For this reason, it will probably always make its way onto our weekly munchies list.

10. Nachos

Goodmorning beautiful people from Nz 🙋 How about having some fun treating yourself with some nacho party . This is our favorite things to munch on my day off or when I am free. We all love having nacho treats . How about you all ?? Treat yourself with delicious food for weekend .spend time with your family and friends . Have long day at work so Catch you later . Till then sending you lots of love from Mon. ❤❤❤ Have a fabulous Sunday 😙😚😙 ______________________________________________ For this Recipe Mangoes chopped Onions chopped Cucumber chopped Corriander leaves finely chopped Tomatoes Salt as per your choice Home made guacamole Tomato chutney sweet/ sour Lemon juice Corn Nachos ________________________________________________

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Chips and salsa, how boring. Instead of choosing just one dip, add in a bunch and turn it into a nacho party.

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13087790 488318254699179 6066319535818198417 n 10 Mouth Watering Instagram Munchies Of The Week
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