Will you be spending 420 at the crib? If so, you can still have an epic time. And of course, smoke lots of weed. But do you want to know how you can have the best time ever? With pot-friendly games, that’s how. Whether you’re all by your lonesome or with a few of your homies, there’s a game out there for everyone. From the Smokin’ Dice Game to 420- The Card Game, here are five stoner games to play on 420.

1. Whiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

5 Games To 1 5 Stoner Games To Play On 420
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Launching on 420, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a game that allows you to build your very own weed empire. Like most pot farm games, you get to grow and harvest your own ganja.

Khalifa’s mobile game gives players a more realistic view of the budding weed industry than others like it. Gamers can seize opportunities as if they were real entrepreneurs. Available for Apple App Store and Google Play, Khalifa’s Weed Farm will entertain you for hours.

2. 420: The Card Game

5 Games To 2 5 Stoner Games To Play On 420
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A mix of truth or dare and cards against humanity, 420: The Card Game is full of weed references and inappropriateness. You’ll laugh your ass off, do embarrassing things, and answer the most random of questions.

But to enjoy the game, you must start play while high. You’ll need to grab a couple of your buddies to play with you, too. 420: The Card Game costa $35, and it’s worth every penny.

3. Weed Shop: The Game

5 Games To 3 5 Stoner Games To Play On 420
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Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a dispensary? If so, you can run your very own pot shop from home, sort-of. Weed Shop: The Game is a game app that makes you the boss. Not only can you decorate your store, but you can also harvest and sell your own buds.

Be warned, though. In like manner of a real-life dispensary, you need to be able to keep up. There will be slow times, and there will be busy times. Either way, you need to make sure you’re stocked up at all times.

4. THC The Game

5 Games To 4 5 Stoner Games To Play On 420
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Everyone remembers playing Candyland as kids. But now there’s an adult, weed-friendly version, called THC The Game. This particular boardgame, costing $12.99, features a joint as a spinner and allows you to travel to high destinations, including Mouth Smokemore and MJ Thicket.

THC The Game is also best played while stoned. It’s 420, so you should be high. Otherwise, it’s just not the same.

5. Smokin’ Dice Game

5 Games To 5 5 Stoner Games To Play On 420
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In case you want a simple game that doesn’t require a lot of thought, there’s the Smokin’ Dice Game. Not only will this game provide hours of fun for you and your friends, but it also encourages you to toke.

Not to mention, the Smokin’ Dice Game is cheap. And for just $6.99, you can roll your way to cloud nine and share lots of laughs while you’re at it.