Before aspirin, there was white willow bark. Before antibiotics, we used poultices. These evolutions of extracting and harnessing the powerful attributes of plant medicine have made modern medicines safer and more consistent. So what is the next evolution of cannabis?

Hemp vs cannabis

hemp CBD: Unlocking And Understanding The Evolution Of Cannabis
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Cannabis has more medical properties than any other plant on the surface of the earth. That being said, it isn’t always wise to take the whole cabinet at once. Whole plant cannabis has a lot of benefits, but targeted results are not always one of them.

Cannabis contains THC, a wonderful chemical for relaxation and pain relief. For many people, however, the rapid pace of today’s lifestyle means they want to function with a clear head. Thankfully, it is not the only beneficial component of the plant.

As more people come to discover other cannabinoids and terpenes, they hear a phrase called the Entourage Effect. This is when ratios of phytocannabinoids and terpenes, or oily scent molecules, come into play.

Hemp contains most of the same cannabinoid medicines as cannabis, with the exception of usable quantities of THC. However, it also lacks, through breeding, many of the terpenes. How can people get the benefits of hemp with the profiles of cannabis?


Therabis 2 CBD: Unlocking And Understanding The Evolution Of Cannabis
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Terpenes saturate people’s everyday lives. From the relaxation of lavender and chamomile to the energetic zest of grapefruit and lemongrass.

Many of these terpenes are found within cannabis, as well as other plant sources. Cannabis also has plenty of other smells, that aren’t so pleasant. These can make it hard for many to enjoy the benefits.

These terpenes “shape the focus” of the plant-based compounds. But with so many strains, bred for potency rather than balance, until now finding the perfect pairing has been a needle in a haystack.

Aceso has made it easy, by sourcing plants high in each one and using these terpene sources instead.

The best of both worlds

Aceso2 CBD: Unlocking And Understanding The Evolution Of Cannabis
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To get everything that today’s active consumer wants, and nothing they don’t, Aceso has created a line of custom blended CBD supplements. Each line focuses on a specific desired effect, without THC.

The Aceso Wellness Collection pairs hemp-based cannabinoids with a focused blend of vitamins and minerals designed for mental clarity and happiness, but they don’t stop there.

Aceso’s Wellness also comes packed with naturally sourced terpenes including Limonene for mood stability. Capsaicin, the heat in peppers, joins for vitality and increased metabolism. Green tea adds powerful antioxidants to the formula as well.

Cannabis remains a powerful medicine, but not everyone needs that level of medication. For those that want to be lifted up without flying away, who want wellness without worry, Aceso has the solution.

And unlike most edible cannabis products today, Wellness doesn’t load people up with sugar and fats.

Getting Wellness in one’s life is as simple as a packet of powder in a beverage or a discreet oral spray for well-being that lasts all day. Improve mood, vitality, and energy with a full-spectrum solution that won’t dull the senses. Aceso also carries lines called Soothe and Calm, with balances set to relax instead.

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