Postpartum depression (PPD) affects one in nine new mothers. After having her first child, Celia Behar experienced all the usual symptoms of PPD, including thoughts of suicide. But after having her second child, her depression doubled. Desperate for relief, Behar reintroduced cannabis into her life. And once she did, she started sleeping better at night and waking up feeling content, calm, and rested. For this reason, she now swears that the herb has made her a better mother. Be sure to check out the video below to see how cannabis changed Celia’s life for the better.

Weed and the American Family: Celia Behar

One out of nine mothers is diagnosed with postpartum depression. During the video by Yahoo! News, Celia Behar shares her personal experience with PPD, and what helped her overcome it.

After giving birth to her first child, Behar experienced all the usual symptoms of PPD: random outbursts, thoughts of suicide, and despair. Though she was prescribed Prozac by her doctors, it only brought along unwanted symptoms, including migraines and severe insomnia.

Since she chose to breastfeed, Behar decided to come off the drug completely. And once she did, she began keeping her PPD a secret.

After Celia’s second child was born, the troubling feeling started coming back. Only this time, they were much worse.

For this reason, Celia became desperate for relief. That’s when she decided to reintroduce cannabis into her life.

At first, she felt as though moms shouldn’t smoke pot. But when her insomnia became nonexistent, and she finally woke up feeling calm and rested, she knew she had made the right choice, for more reasons than one,

Cannabis has made me a better parent.