Are you thinking about buying a new bong? If so, there are a few things you should look out for when purchasing your piece. Shopping for a bong can be overwhelming. You have your glass bongs, and you have your ceramic bongs. Some bongs are even made out of wood. But how do you know you’re getting the best of the best? To each their own, but if you want to get your money’s worth, then here are five features that make for an excellent bong.

1. A beautiful design

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If your spending your hard earned money on a piece, don’t settle for something dull. Bongs come in so many different styles, and it won’t be challenging to find one that suits you.

The appearance of your bong may seem irrelevant. After all, your primary concern is likely how well it’ll get you high. But for some people, they’d rather stare at something lovely while they toke.

And if you’re paying top dollar, you don’t want a piece that looks like it was made in under five minutes. Plus, some of the more fancier rigs come with bonuses, like additional percolators and ice catchers.

2. High-quality glass

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Of course, you want a bong that’s going to last. Nothing sucks more than falling in love with your new piece, only to have it break days later.

Again, there are a ton of different bongs out there. Some are made of plastic, and some are made of metal. While they each have their benefits, glass is by far the best choice.

Not only do glass rigs offer a pure taste, but they’re also easier to clean. But something you should keep an eye on is the thickness of the glass. The thicker the glass, the longer it’ll last.

Before you purchase your brand new glass piece, check for cracks. Also, glance over the joints. They should always be smooth, bubble-free, and consistently done.

3. Excellent percolation

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The very most important thing to look for in a bong with percolators is how well it hits. And if you’re purchasing your rig from a shop, then you can test it out right there. Just have an employee fill a few different ones up with water so you can pull and compare.

Pay close attention to the bubbling action. The bubbling action should be smooth, and there should be little resistance.

To learn more about percolators and how they help, have a look at this article.

4. Easy to clean

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Keeping your bong clean is important. For this reason, you want a piece that isn’t going to be too difficult to clean. Glass is by far the easiest type of rig to clean. Plus, it’s simpler to spot the areas that need the most cleaning.

Do note that percolators are a pain to clean. So if you want something that’s not going to require a whole lot of effort as far as cleaning goes, go for a straight tube or beaker style.

For a few tips on how to get your bong squeaky-clean, check out this article.

5. Durability

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Obviously, if your bong is made of a delicate substance like glass or ceramics, then it will be more delicate than one made of plastic or bamboo.

The downsides to plastic bongs are that they are not glass (no percs, ice catchers or chilling), and the chance of diluting the taste of good weed.

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged from buying a glass piece just because of its breakability. There are many glass bongs that are quite sturdy and ideal for casual, everyday use. You know how you will use it, so just go with what suits your needs.