She was a Nineties icon who smashed eggs to illustrate how drug abuse can ruin lives. Now, two decades later, she’s back using eggs to explain the racist policies of America’s “War on Drugs”.

Your brain on drugs

If you’re familiar with any popular culture from the Nineties, you’ll probably remember Rachael Leigh Cook smashing an egg with a frying pan to illustrate what happens to your brain on drugs.

Sure, it was a bit heavy-handed – and not just her swing, either – but it quickly became part of popular culture, being part of the period of large-scale anti-narcotics campaign in the last decade of the 20th century.

Your brain on drug policy

Rachael Leigh Cook is back on screens with a frying pan. But, nowadays, the focus isn’t on drugs but drug policy. The 2017 PSA uses the egg metaphor to educate the public on the discriminatory drug sentencing laws, which has seen the lives of many users of marijuana ruined.

Released on 420, in what was quite the strategic plan, the PSA helps explain how racist the policies of America’s “War on Drugs” really are.