It’s not just chocolate that you should be watching your dog around, as weed can also have a harmful effect on doggo, something a lot of Colorado owners are finding out.

Your pet and pot: how much is too much?

So, when it comes to pets and pot, just how much is too much? A dog owner in Denver asked that when she had to rush her pet to the veterinarian after the dog found and ingested some edibles.

We really thought there was something seriously wrong with her,” said Patty Moore, the owner of the dog. After chowing down on what were obviously not Scooby Snacks, Moore said that dog could not get back down the stairs.

It was like her back legs did not work at all.

Along with not being able to walk downstairs, the 10-year-old golden retriever, named Chance, couldn’t even stand to eat.

But it wasn’t known what was happening until visiting the vet, who diagnosed the symptoms right away, saying that Chance probably found an edible left over from 420 on a walk in the neighborhood.

“Generally, as far as toxicity goes, marijuana is a pretty safe one,” said veterinarian Dr. Allison Jenkins. It seems that edibles can actually keep a dog high for several days, too, even with just a small amount – in fact, even just eating the wrapper is enough.

But Jenkins says marijuana won’t kill a dog, not unless it’s a gigantic amount that is rich in THC, like the butter used to make edibles.

The news is, Chance is doing just fine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be more conscientious around animals.

Make sure you keep all your edibles away from kids and animals. Be a responsible consumer.