As California prepares for the sale of recreational cannabis, a growing number of women are, you know, growing. But that is just one of the many areas of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry that women are excelling in.

Queens of cannabis

While she was once opposed to cannabis, Mary Carrillo is fast becoming one of the queens of the cannabis industry. Her company, Baron’s Confections, sells a variety of organic treats that are infused with cannabis – in the form of smores, cookies and, yes, even marshmallows.

This has happened very quickly, as Carrillo is still quite new to the culture of cannabis, along with the industry.

I always thought of it as a drug. – Carrillo

The change came about because of her daughter, Christina, who suffers from a rare brain disorder. For 15 years, Christina’s doctor had recommended the use of cannabis to help with the debilitating seizures that her daughter had to suffer through, but Carrillo resisted doing so because of the stigma.

I remember looking at the doctor and saying ‘Are you crazy?’

But Carrillo eventually came around and added cannabis oil to Christina’s food, just to see what would happen, which ultimately changed their lives. For Christina, it made her feel normal, making her “feel free” – that was enough for Mary.

As she felt guilty for not having done it sooner, Mary quit her job as a software engineer and enrolled in cooking school, which led to her business that offers “Clean Green Certified” edibles that are infused with cannabis, to help others like her daughter.

That is just one of the stories featured in this CBS Los Angeles video, showcasing the female entrepreneurs who are fast becoming the queens of cannabis.