The month of April starts with April Fools, but the team at FailArmy also end the month with a few other fools, too.

April Fools Fails of the Month: Get Ready To Laugh (April 2017)

Ah, schadenfreude. No matter who it is, something has to be said for that feeling of joy, which comes from witnessing the dramas that others are enduring. And since we live in an age when the cameras are always rolling, it is easier than ever to laugh at such misfortunes.

Along with the cameras always rolling, there are always a lot of people willing to do something outrageous for the said cameras, too, which is where FailArmy comes in.

Always finding the very best of the worst, the popular YouTube channel collates and edits the never-ending streams of footage down to the very best of fails, which are recorded and uploaded to the ‘Net, each and every month.

Yes, that’s right, the team at FailArmy have done it again, showcasing the biggest and most hysterical fails that took place in April.

It starts with a cracker, too, which was the cracking of a spine – well, hopefully not – that came as the result of one scooter pilot’s big stunt that was attempted at a skatepark.

Of course, it’s not all bodily harm, though, as there is everything from pole dancing – two-up, no less – going wrong and coffee-soaked keyboards to bringing down a basketball hoop and backboard – go on, admit it, you were waiting for that ball to bounce off the hoop and hit the guy, right?

Although, the most tragic of these fails is not one that involves broken bones or damaged egos, but broken plates.

Don’t worry, the rest won’t be spoiled, as it’s time you watched it for yourself.