What’s better than pizza? Not much. But having pizza delivered in a box made from pizza, well, that might just do it.

Pizza lovers get surprised with a box made out of pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? If asked, a lot of people would admit to wanting to eat it for all three meals – and more – and it’s always the safe bet to keeping almost anyone happy when dining with other people.

But a pizzeria in Brooklyn has taken pizza to another level, serving pizza in a box that is made out of pizza.

And, no, it’s not made from day-old stale pizza, either.

Yes, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is serving regular pizza inside a box that is made from pizza, too.

So, how does that work?

The bottom of the “box” is made from a square pizza AKA “grandma pie” with a crust that almost has a right angle, while the lid is made from a square of flat garlic bread. Inside, of course, is the regular pizza (like, regular, in the way that it has the traditional shape of a pizza that isn’t a box).

The lucky people who got surprised with the pizza in a box made of pizza – it still doesn’t seem right to say, does it? – were some of the team from BuzzFeed, who also produced this video.

What was their reaction?

It’s just as you’d imagine, with people referring to it as a “pizza sandwich” (something that it kind of is, actually) and “pizza-ception” – pizza inside pizza.

But, one lucky lady that got to dine on the pizza in a pizza said it best, which was that is was “just a bunch of different pizza” – it’s safe to say that wasn’t a bad thing, either, and she was just stating the obvious.

Would this be considered too much pizza?

That’s a trick question, as there is never too much pizza!