Sure, it’s not as tasty as a donut, but a bell pepper is just as versatile, especially when, you know, baked. The best thing about the bell pepper bong is that it can be used as a last resort (if you don’t have anything to smoke with), or just as something different, which can make smoking that much more fun. Be sure to check out the video below to learn how to make a bong from a bell pepper.

How to make a bell pepper bong

The bell pepper bong is simple to make, requiring only a bell pepper and some straws.

First, you need to remove the stem, which you will require to take to the pepper with your hand and a knife, so make sure you only slice the pepper and not yourself.

Slowly but surely, twist the end of the blade in through the top of the pepper to cut enough space that a straw can fit, which will happen pretty quickly.

Once the straw is in, push it through enough to clear a space for the bong to work, but not too far that it hits the bottom (and remove the straw to be used in the side).

Just the like the apple and orange pipes, you will also have to cut through the side, too (but, remember, just watch where the tip of the blade is pointed). When done, put your lips to the opening and see if air is flowing between the two holes.

Now it’s time to fill the bong with water and put the straw in the side. If you’ve been a bit too vigorous with the blade, you can use two straws to get a good seal.

Then, finally, it’s time to fill the ‘bowl’ and smoke.