While more countries are legalizing weed around the world, and 29 states have medical cannabis access of some description, you have to remember that half the police force in the United States will throw you in jail for growing your favorite herb. That’s why, if you tend to your own supply, it’s best to keep it away from prying eyes and disguise it to look like your average garden. Of course, if you’re going bush, you probably won’t need these tips. But, if you’re in the suburbs, these five tips to discreetly grow weed will definitely help.

1. The right stuff

5 WAYS YOU 1 5 Ways You Can Discreetly Grow Weed In Your Garden
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It’s all about picking the right stuff, as the wrong stuff can see you being nabbed or poached since certain strains can give away a weed garden even if those prying eyes can’t see it.

In areas with lots of eyes and noses around, it would be best to choose a good sativa, as their aroma is sweeter and spicier and easier to disguise, especially when compared to indicas, who’s strong and skunky smells are quite hard to disguise.

2. Cut it out

5 WAYS YOU 2 5 Ways You Can Discreetly Grow Weed In Your Garden
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Make no mistake, pruning is definitely a must for grows that you need to keep under wraps. So, make like Mr. Miyagi and get trimming on your own personal bonsai that can help with your glaucoma.

Cutting and trimming your plant during the vegetative stage of growth will stimulate branching and growth from side-shoots, helping lead to a bushier plant instead of a stereotypical “pot plant” that your neighbors will probably be able to identify.

3. Forest from the trees

5 WAYS YOU 3 5 Ways You Can Discreetly Grow Weed In Your Garden
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So, if you’ve cut down on the aroma and look of your plants, the next step is to make it even more incognito. You can do that by planting it in amongst similar plants to help it blend into the background.

If you happen to have more than one, don’t have the plants next to one another, as it will make it look like one big plant and, once again, easier to identify. These include:

  • Chaste tree
  • Kenaf
  • Cassava
  • Cranberry Hibiscus
  • Coral Plant

4. The great outdoors

5 WAYS YOU 4 5 Ways You Can Discreetly Grow Weed In Your Garden
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Before you planted, you will have already have chosen a strain that is less smelly (if you read this list, of course), but your crop, no matter how big or small, will still need some help in that area.

Now, there’s not much you can do about stopping the weed from smelling, but you can help disguise the smell by planting other plants that will overpower the other and help drown out that all too familiar smell of cannabis.

From lavender to rosemary and even lemongrass, you have plenty of choices to do just that, which could also be aided by some pungent flowers. But be sure to make sure that the said flowers also flower at the same time as your weed.

5. An extreme makeover

5 WAYS YOU 5 5 Ways You Can Discreetly Grow Weed In Your Garden
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Along with putting it in with flowers that will overpower the smell of cannabis, another good way of disguising your weed is by planting it with some fruit trees. Yes, you can plant one plant with health benefits with another plant that also has health benefits.

And by doing so, you can add to the disguise by hanging plastic fruit from the plants, just like Christmas tree ornaments. That will help keep it hidden until you are ready to harvest.