Thanks to KushMoji and their pot-friendly emojis, marketing THC is going to be a lot easier. Rather than just sticking to your generic stoned smiley face, KushMoji will promote around 50 different weed brands, including Mary Jane’s Medicinals. And for you tokers out there, you will no longer have to use that leafy tree to represent your beloved herb.

Pot-friendly emojis, marketing THC just became easier

emojis These New Weed Emojis Will Literally Change Your Life
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Even in legal states, cannabis companies are still having a hard time promoting their brand due to federal regulation. But thanks to KushMoji and their pot-friendly emojis, there may be a solution to that problem.

According to AdWeek, 92 percent of online users use emojis. That’s why KushMoji is taking advantage of this trend by using it to help weed brands market their goods.

Users will have the option of communicating via pot-themed emojis. And yes, you can expect to find much more than a stoned smiley face.

In fact, the KushMoji platform will include emojis that promote around 50 different weed companies. The goal is to help shed light on products in states where they are not yet available.

The app will also offer various user tracking options as well as promotional perks. That way, companies can discover who is using their brand and who wants to make a purchase.

In like manner of many pot companies, the KushMoji app is designed for users 21 and over, and are relying on users to be honest about their age.

KushMoji will benefit not just weed brands, but also tokers

KushMoji Looks To 2 These New Weed Emojis Will Literally Change Your Life
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According to KushMoji co-founder Olivia Mannix, companies will likely pay around $2,000 to $3,000 each month to have their brand “emoji-fied.” Other than Mary Jane’s Medicinals, plenty of other brands are already taking advantage, including Leafs by Snoop and Livwell.

To point out another benefit of KushMoji, companies will be able to promote their brand without needing a high marketing budget. Not to mention, they won’t have to fear being federally prosecuted.

But it’s not just weed brands that get to have all the fun. Everyday tokers will also benefit from KushMoji’s platform.

Smartphone users are limited to trees, clouds, and flames to represent their love for the herb. But with KushMoji, tokers can express themselves by sharing icons of their favorite brands.

Will emojis be the next best way to help the people in weed promote their businesses? Time will tell. But if all else fails, the world will at least have more pot-friendly emojis to share. You can officially kiss the days of using random bushes and rocket ships goodbye.