There’s a lot of buzz going around about weed and sex. More specifically, how the herb can benefit your sex life. Not only does pot help you feel more pleasure in bed, but there are also infused lubes out there that come with their own rewards, some of which are edible. Most everyone knows the facts about cannabis and sex, but there’s also some rather strange rumors floating about, ones that will surprise you. Here are the three myths about pot and sex.

1. Weed makes men sterile

3 Myths About 1 3 Myths About Cannabis And Sex Debunked
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First, you must know the facts. If a male frequently smokes pot, then it can have negative effects on the size and shape of their sperm. However, this isn’t something that is particularly common. And it certainly doesn’t mean that weed can sterilize a man in any way.

During 2014, a research team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester conducted a study on the matter. They discovered,

Men who produced ejaculates with less than four percent normal sperm were nearly twice as likely to have produced a sample in the summer months (June to August), or if they were younger than 30 years old, to have used cannabis in the three month period prior to ejaculation.

While smoking pot can affect fertility, which isn’t the same as sterilization, it’s only temporary. The study also noted that men who went through six days of abstinence before producing another sample were less likely to produce abnormal sperm. So, there you have it.

2. Smoking pot can turn you gay

3 Myths About 2 3 Myths About Cannabis And Sex Debunked
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Yes, it sounds stupid. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from making claims that weed is making straight men gay. Of course, this is strictly a rumor. There is no scientific evidence to back it up whatsoever.

Cannabis does, however, increase your sensual feelings. And from time to time, you may act on impulse. But no, it won’t turn you gay. And even if it did, who cares?

3. Cannabis keeps you aroused for a longer period of time

3 Myths About 3 3 Myths About Cannabis And Sex Debunked
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You’ve probably heard of this one. Supposedly, pot-smokers experience prolonged senses of arousal, and even longer orgasms while high. But unfortunately, there are no studies or other forms of scientific evidence to prove it.

According to the University of California Santa Barbara, people may believe this because their sense of time is distorted when they’re high. In other words, it may feel as though time is passing by more slowly than it actually is, which will make it seem as though their feelings of arousal and pleasure are prolonged.

On the other hand, there is a weed-infused lubes that will do the trick. To learn more about how Foria offers 15-minute orgasms, check out this article.