Did you know that there are different levels of being high on weed? For most pot-smokers, there are only two stages of being high: stoned and really stoned. But believe it or not, there’s more to it than that. In fact, some people say there are three levels of a weed high: buzzed, high, and stoned. While they all sound the same, they each come with their own effects. Not to mention, they all require certain amounts of pot to get you there. If you wish to learn more about these levels and what to expect from each, then you’ve come to the right place.

1. Buzzed

The 3 Levels 1 3 Different Meanings Of Being Buzzed, High, And Stoned Explained
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First, there’s the buzz. After just a few hits of herb, typically 2-3 depending on how you consume, you reach the first level of getting high. Rather than feeling stupidly stoned, you feel calm and not so burnt out. However, a first time user may confuse being buzzed as being stoned.

Catching a buzz is ideal in the morning hours. It gets you right where you need to be without making you drag. Once your buzz starts to wear off, all it takes is a couple of tokes from your leftover joint or blunt to get you back. You can repeat the process as needed throughout your day.

The potency of your pot plays a significant role in how long a buzz will last. For the most part, a nice buzz lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours.

2. High

The 3 Levels 2 3 Different Meanings Of Being Buzzed, High, And Stoned Explained
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Are you familiar that feeling you get after you smoke a joint or blunt with friends? That’s what you call being high. This level can also be achieved with 4 to 8 hits of dank bud. You are beyond buzzed, but you aren’t quite stoned during this particular stage.

Once you get passed being buzzed, you turn into quite the comedian. You will become funnier, and you’ll likely laugh your ass off. However, some people may experience a bit of paranoia at this level, mostly when they have to hide their smoke or consume illegally. But for the most part, you feel good. You might even get the urge to do something fun and exciting, like have sex or hit up an arcade.

From time to time, a person who is high will develop red eyes. Also, they might experience a bit of cottonmouth. As for how long a high lasts, a high-quality strain will keep you there 3-4 hours without burning you out too much.

3. Stoned

The 3 Levels 3 3 Different Meanings Of Being Buzzed, High, And Stoned Explained
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Last, but certainly not least, there’s stoned. Stoned is what happens when you continuously toke, even after you’re already high. The weed-smoker will enter “the zone,” which is a happy place for stoners.

While stoned, a person might feel friendly and be in the mood to engage in deep, intellectual conversation. But for others, they sometimes feel stuck, and all they know to do is sit there and enjoy themselves. As far as their appearance goes, someone who is stoned will often look like their eyes are shut. But they aren’t, they’re just really, really stoned.

Once you’re stoned, that’s when the munchies strike the most. Being stoned might also make you sleepy, or just make you fall madly in love with your couch. Depending on how you consume, you could be stoned all day, rather than just a few hours.