There are over a hundred ways to smoke weed. From the classic joint to pipes made of ice, the possibilities are endless when it comes to toking on the ganja. But what about the high that comes from each? Do different methods give you a different high? While most pot smokers can certainly notice a difference with some methods, others depend on the person. Not to mention, several factors influence your high as well, from the strains you choose to where you decide to light up.

Do different smoking methods give you a different high?

Do Different Smoking 1 Do Different Smoking Methods Give You A Different High?
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There’s not much you can’t smoke weed out of these days. From watermelons to bongs, if someone wants to toke on some pot, then they can surely find a way.

But what about the high? Does your high depend on which method you choose? The answer is yes; different smoking methods can give you a different high. But that’s not necessarily true for every device, or every person for that matter.

While there are hundreds of ways to smoke weed, the primary ones in which you can tell the difference between highs include blunts, vaporizers, and bongs, just to name a few. But again, it all depends on the person. Some people can notice a difference between each method out there.

First, there are spliffs. Spliffs mix both tobacco and weed, creating a unique high. Not only do you feel a buzz from the nicotine, but also the pot. However, mixing tobacco and weed can be dangerous to your health, read more in this article.

Second is the vaporizer. Often times, people say the high is cleaner with less of a comedown. That’s because you aren’t inhaling harmful toxins and things of that nature. You can also adjust the temperature to create a different high, which you can learn more about here.

Next up, blunts. A blunt is a hollowed-out cigar that’s then filled with weed and resealed. Cigar wraps are still made with tobacco, however. So, if you’re against nicotine, a blunt is probably not the best choice for you. Because they’re mostly cannabis, you’ll feel a significant weed high.

Last, is the bong. Most weed smokers will tell you that a bong provides nice, powerful high. Unlike smoking a joint, bongs allow you to inhale large amounts of smoke into your lungs all at once.

Other factors that affect your high

Do Different Smoking 2 Do Different Smoking Methods Give You A Different High?
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Besides what you choose to smoke out of, several other factors can also influence your high. The more obvious one is the type of strain.

For example, a sativa will provide a more stimulating high. However, indicas offer a more relaxing, psychoactive high.

Your tolerance plays a key role as well. Just because one person feels stoned off a couple of hits of a bong doesn’t mean the next person will feel the same.

Believe it or not, your environment can also affect your high. If you choose to smoke at a place where you have to fear getting caught, then you might experience extreme paranoia while high. On the other hand, when you spark up where you’re comfortable and happy, your high will likely maximize the positive aspects of the experience.

There are plenty of other factors that influence how weed affects your high. If you want to learn more, then check out this article.