With the new laws for recreational use of cannabis in California, many parents are left wondering how to address the issue of its use with their children, which prompted agencies to explain the legal impact of those laws.

The legal impact of cannabis laws on children

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The new laws regarding the recreational use of cannabis in San Diego have left many parents wondering how to address the issue of use with their children and other minors.

As NBC 7 reports, last Tuesday, several San Diego agencies held an event to educate parents and advocacy groups, who were all trying to understand how to speak to their children and clients about cannabis use, as recent campaigns advocating for the legalization of cannabis and the lax legal consequences have made some feel like they can’t compete.

At the event, representatives from the San Diego County District Attorney’s office spoke to the public about the possible legal consequences for minors and cannabis use. For many of the parents who attended the event, they were deeply concerned about the new laws, especially now that recreational use is legal.

Jesse Navaro, the Community Relations Representative for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, said,

There’s consequences – legal consequences. And for the parents, there could be not only legal consequences, but also some financial consequences.

For minors, the said consequences for violating the weed laws is relatively minimal, as minors (or adults under age 21) who are caught in possession of cannabis will face a few dozen hours of community service and having to attend a drug class or a $100 fine at most.

Even though the new laws limit recreational use to adults aged 21 and older, minors can still gain access via a doctor’s recommendation letter.

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