Are you searching for a weed-friendly sneaker company that goes beyond just slapping on a bunch of pot leaves on a shoe? If so, then 420 Kicks has just what you’re looking for and more. Not only do they carry beautifully designed sneakers for both men and women, but they also have a wide selection of styles and prints.

420 Kicks have Low Riders…

420 Kicks Are  420 Kicks Are What Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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The low rider is just one of the sneaker styles that 420 Kicks has to offer. Available for both men and women, the low rider comes in a variety of dank designs.

For men, there are 13 prints, all of which are fun and unique. For example, there’s the Stolen Lighters print, which is meant to honor all of the stolen lighters that have been swiped out of the hands of stoners for centuries. May they rest in peace.

As for the ladies, there are five designs for every type of weed loving chick out there. One of them is Purple Krush, which features various shades of lovely purple pot leaves. They’re perfect for the girly stoner who loves smoking on Purple Kush.

… and High tops…

420 Kicks Are 2 420 Kicks Are What Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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The high top is the second sneaker style sold at 420 Kicks. Just like the low rider, high tops are available for men as well as women; only there is a much wider selection of this particular style.

For men, they have 18 prints to choose from, but doing so won’t be an easy task since they’re all equally badass. One of the newer designs is Zero Gravity, which encourages the wearer to stay as far off the ground as possible when it comes to getting high off your favorite strain.

As for the women, there are 11 designs, three of which are on sale right now. If you’re looking for a print that represents the little things that make 420 special, then Canna Candyland is about as dope as it gets. From adorable little bongs to perfectly rolled joints, this print has it all.

… and Runners, too!

420 Kicks Are 3 420 Kicks Are What Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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At this time, runners are only available for men. But since they come in many different sizes, women can easily find a design to fit them if they like what they see.

The runner comes in eight prints, all of which feature pot leaves of various colors. What you see in the photo above are the YWF runners, which stands for Young, Wild, and Free. This particular design proves that it’s the little things in life that matter most.

If by chance you don’t see a print you like, then 420 Kicks will help you come up with a custom design on your choice of sneakers. Also, if you have an upcoming event, like a bachelorette party or festival, they can assist you with that too.