Tea, smoothies, and coffee just got greener – and sweeter. One San Diego-based company continues to change the way cannabis patients medicate with its newest product, cannabis-infused sugar cubes.

Spin spin sugar

THC Infused Cotton 1new New THC Infused Sugar Cubes Are The Sweetest Way To Medicate

Earlier this year, B-Edibles launched cannabis-infused cotton candy edibles, which lets you get elevated, all while feeling like a kid at a carnival.

Made with organic cane sugar, the cotton candy comes in Rose, Watermelon, Lavender, and Apple flavors. Each individual sized containers contain 100mg of THC, which for many beginners can be a little much for their first edible experience.

Organic cane sugar, organic flavors and lab-tested C02 oil means you can enjoy a B edible treat with delight. Naturally gluten, allergen free and non-gmo, our infused cotton candy is perfect for sensitive types who want to enjoy a delightful edible. – B-Edibles

Sugar cubes that pack a punch

Now, B-Edibles introduce non-flavored, handmade organic sugar cubes that are lab tested with PharmLabs to ensure proper dosing and consistency. Each sugar cubes is micro-dosed with 10 mg of THC per cube. They are also:

  • Made with Supercritical CO2 cannabis oil
  • Include two grams of organic sugar cane crystals with only five calories
  • Non-GMO, organic and vegan
  • Medicated with small amounts of THC to help patients with their needs

As California anticipates 2018’s recreational sales start date, state regulators are putting forward a possible new plan to clean up the medical industry. One law includes strict regulations for edibles and B-Edibles is ensuring its newer products are compliant.

In order to stay competitive in the market we had to push the sugar earlier than I anticipated. Sugar is our staple – we use it for everything. No matter how much we want to reduce it from our daily lives, sugar is always there. And at least now it is all organic. -B-Edibles

The edible company is also working on sugar substitute cubes that diabetic and cancer patients can use. Each carton of sugar cubes contains 48 individual cubes at 10mg of THC per sugar cube.