Even though it’s 15 years since the last installment, it seems that the next film in “Friday” series isn’t too far away, with Ice Cube explaining that it is getting closer to being made.


In an episode of The Whoolywood Shuffle, DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 radio program, Ice Cube has hinted that the fourth installment of the Friday series is on the way. Best of all, it could be on cinema screens sooner than expected, too.

From his new basketball league, BIG3, to his recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. Cube covers a wide range of topics. But there was also the tidbit (beginning at 8:25) that a sequel for Friday After Next – that was the second sequel to 1995’s Friday – is gaining momentum.

We haven’t got the money, they haven’t cut a check [to make the movie], but they’re moving in the right direction. They told us, “Man, just bring us a script man and let’s do it.” So, that’s what we’re working on, just making sure it’s funny and up to date.

The writer and star of what is currently a trilogy went on to mention that he’s also looking into some big names for the flick, but did not name names – if only not to embarrass the new talent, as “their audition could be weak” – and is looking for new talent.

The film, which still doesn’t have a release title or production date set, is tentatively known as Last Friday.

Does that mean it will be the last in the series? Only Cube and his filmmaking peers know, but that question will be asked again when Last Friday is finally released.