Jack Frost is the result of years of cross breeding and selection. A friendly flower, this strain can have you giggling in no time. Great for enjoying with others, the Jack Frost strain has a strong yet playful attitude. Those with social anxiety or who just want to have a relaxed time out and about may appreciate the carefree nature of this flower, especially when consumed in low to moderate doses.

Strain details

Jack Herer is one of the most famous sativas on the shelf. Happy, upbeat, and quick witted, Herer is excellent for the morning time and is potent in THC. As its offspring, Jack Frost has inherited many sativa-dominant traits and tends to produce high quantities of THC. The strain was perfected after five years of stabilization by Goldenseed.

The hybrid mix also includes lineage from Northern Lights and White Widow, two well-respected strains in their own right. Jack Frost features conical buds coated with a snowy layer of glistening white trichomes. With expert cultivation, the THC in this strain can get quite high. This flower often produces up to 23 percent THC.

The Jack Frost strain has a bright citrus fragrance with strong woody pine undertones. It’s not uncommon to detect a subtle sweetness in this strain, which adds complexity to the forest-scented bud. Some might even describe the Jack Frost aroma as a little on the skunky side.

The Jack Frost experience

Jack Frost A 1 Jack Frost: This Carefree Hybrid Will Ease Away Your Anxiety
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Jack Frost is an appropriate selection for the afternoon, right during happy hour. Experienced cannabis consumers may find that this flower is all smiles, promoting a laid back attitude and a sociable vibe. In small to moderate doses, this strain promotes a happy and high-spirited vibe with a slight energizing quality.

Novices are more likely to experience anxiety or paranoia with this flower. In general, it’s recommended that those new to THC stick to samples with less than 15 percent THC. In high doses, some of the sedative effects of this flower may shine through. While this bud is thought to be energizing overall, taking a catnap on the sofa may sound just about right after some sizable puffs of this bud.

The Jack Frost strain is high in THC, which means that having some snacks around may be beneficial before partaking in this flower. However, this strain is not known to cause the munchies as badly as some of the heavier strains like Hindu Kush. While the effects of this strain are thought to be jolly and sociable, you certainly don’t need a lot to get lifted.

Why do people use Jack Frost?

Jack Frost A 2 Jack Frost: This Carefree Hybrid Will Ease Away Your Anxiety
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Some consumers find that Jack Frost promotes focus and an all-around good mood. This strain would be a perfect selection to break out on a sunny weekend when you’re ready for some low key leisure activities. A slow bike ride or a barbecue would be top picks for this flower. As would spending quality time with friends.

Even though high doses of this strain are associated with anxiety, this flower is popular among medical cannabis patients seeking relief from the mental state. While Jack Frost is thought to be mentally uplifting, many find that this strain also promotes a sense of calmness and ease. This flower is also popular among patients experiencing chronic stress, pain, and fatigue.