As concentrates continue to bombard the cannabis community, you might think about stocking up a bit and buying a few grams of every concentrate in your local sales. Question though – what happens if concentrates sit around for a while? Users don’t often discuss concentrate shelf life, but we all want to get the most out of our purchases. There are four factors that will compromise the quality of your concentrates, and therefore their shelf life

1. Light

Concentrate Shelf Life 2 Concentrate Shelf Life: How Long Does Cannabis Oil Last?
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Have you ever seen paper fade because it’s been sitting in the sun? Well, the same goes for concentrates. Light can cause some concentrates to “sugar-out,” meaning that terpenes have degraded, changing the texture of the concentrate. In order to avoid degradation from light, always store your concentrates in a dark place – using a closed container will increase the shelf life.

2. Heat

Concentrate Shelf Life 3 Concentrate Shelf Life: How Long Does Cannabis Oil Last?
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When concentrates are exposed to additional heat after extraction, the chemical structure can be altered. If for some reason the extraction process fails to remove all impurities, concentrates can “butter” when exposed to heat or any kind. You can identify “buttering” if your once relatively shatter-like concentrate begins to get murky. To avoid this, sort your concentrates in the freezer to insure their longevity.

3. Air

Concentrate Shelf Life 4 Concentrate Shelf Life: How Long Does Cannabis Oil Last?
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Oxygen gives us life, but also really destroys things. Need proof? Look up oxidative stress. Air also hurts your concentrates. Keeping your concentrates in art-tight containers will help to lessen terpene and THC-A degradation.

4. Time

Concentrate Shelf Life 5 Concentrate Shelf Life: How Long Does Cannabis Oil Last?
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Over time, especially if the other factors are ignored, your concentrates are going to begin to lessen in quality. Your once vibrant waxes and shatters will get murky and darken in color. Your crumble will crumble at exponential rates. The quality of your high will go down and become unpredictable.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a standardized shelf life time frame. Making your concentrates last is in your hands. While ultimately, as time passes, the chemical properties of all concentrates will degrade, you can control a few elements. Store your products in cool, dry, and dark places. Are you the kind of person who just puts your goods in a drawer? That’s no good. Here are a few places to start.

If you’re going to take advantage of crazy cannabis oil sales, it’s a good idea to invest in proper storage containers. These will allow you to mitigate the effects that light, heat, air, and time have on your concentrates. Be a smart cannabis user and increase the shelf life of your cannabis oil.