Some say smoking weed makes you unintelligent. But the truth is, nothing gets those wheels turning quite like the herb. In fact, some of the most clever thoughts pop into your head when you’re high. And where’s the best place to share those thoughts while they’re still fresh in your mind? Twitter, of course. Do they make sense? Sometimes. Will they make you laugh? Always. To brighten up your day, here are the 10 funniest high tweets you need to see.

1. When you have to correct the POPO

2. TMI

3. What to do when your Kindel dies

4. You know you’re high when…

5. The truth behind snacks

6. Discovering new munchies while baked

7. When you’re pretty sure your kid’s coach smokes the giggle bush

8. In case you’re trying to bulk up

9. Do mosquitos get baked when they bite a stoner, or do they die?

10. You can’t choose your nose, but you can pick it