One of the greatest things about cannabis is how different terpenes can produce strains that are so unique in taste. What’s not so great, however, is how much the taste is affected by rolling papers. It’s quite common for chemicals such as chlorine or calcium carbonate to be added to traditional rolling papers to make them lighter or to make them burn longer. If you’re looking for a pure weed taste, the twisty Glass Blunt might be your new best friend.

Taste those terpenes with the Twisty Glass Blunt

twisty Get The Full Taste Of Terpenes With The Twisty Glass Blunt
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Rolling papers are notoriously finicky, wasteful, and a bit of a nuisance to keep buying. Plus, papers affect the smoking experience, such as taste, burn rate and the effect on the throat and lungs.

The Twisty Glass Blunt is capable of holding up to 1.5g of ground weed and completely eliminates the need to ever use rolling papers again.

Simply pour your ground up weed and into the chamber, then twist it until all the weed has wrapped around the ridges of the screw. The screw has a clever mechanism which doubles the path the smoke must take to get from blunt to mouth. This allows the smoke to cool by nearly a third, delivering a really pleasant hit. The Twisty Glass Blunt also burns for hours thanks to an infinite cherry technology.

But wait, there’s more

tgb Get The Full Taste Of Terpenes With The Twisty Glass Blunt
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The Twisty Glass Blunt can also be inserted into any 14mm bong or other smoking apparatus, making for a for cooler, tastier and purer smoking experience.

When you need to dispose of the ash, simply screw the bottom of the Twisty Glass Blunt clockwise, allowing the ridges on the screw to push the ash out from the end. Keep screwing clockwise and a fresh batch of weed will be pushed up and you can continue to blaze away.

Each Twisty Glass Blunt comes with a premium 2mm thick SCHOTT glass that is engineered in Germany and is ready to get to work.

The smoke game may have just changed forever with the Twisty Glass Blunt. This easy to use piece can be picked up and instantly mastered by anyone, regardless of previous smoking experience.

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