In this video by WatchMojo, you’ll find out more about the weird world of hallucinogens, with the strangest truths, scandals, and history of tripping balls.

Tripping balls

It might be hard to believe, but acid tripping began on a bicycle. In fact, it happened the day before 4/20 (albeit, back in 1943), when a Swiss chemist, Albert Hofmann, ingested 250 micrograms of LSD, which he helped synthesize five years before.

After accidentally dosing, and finding himself “tripping balls,” Hofmann decided he had to go home. The problem was, it was during World War II, so he couldn’t drive home – although, he wasn’t in the best state to do so, anyway – and that’s why he ended up riding his bicycle while under the influence of psychedelics.

And, just so you know, the next time “Bicycle Day” and 4/20 take place over a weekend will be in 2025.

The next fact, which is just as weird as you’d expect, is all about what the government – specifically, the CIA – were spending taxpayer money on. In its LSD Mind Control Department (yes, there was such a thing), the CIA had prostitutes and magicians on staff. It sounds like the spooks would have done almost anything, including controlling the minds of citizens, to beat the Soviets, though.

Another fact is the use of hallucinogens possibly being useful for treating addictions. That fact takes us back to Albert Hofmann, who always hated the fact that acid – what he called “medicine for the soul” – couldn’t be used clinically.

Do you care to take a guess to what the others are?