If you start using this lip balm, your joint won’t be the only cannabis touching your lips, each day. There’s a new company that is offering beauty products that are infused with hemp and cannabis, which is proving popular, even being featured in Vogue.

The new kid on the block

Check Out This 1 This Chic New Beauty Company Uses Cannabis In Its Products
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The company, Vertly, was founded by Claudia Mata, a former New York City-based fashion editor, who didn’t have much of a history with the green.

There are people who may be thinking: I’m not really into cannabis – I’ve never done it. I was that person. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have said, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m starting a cannabis company.’

But things change, it seems, after a move to the Bay Area, where her husband’s family has long been involved in the cannabis industry. Seeing that opened Mata’s eyes to the opportunity for creativity and enterprise in the weed industry.

Mara trained herself up on cannabis and worked with a herbalist to create something elevated and organic, giving it a classy name, and putting it in the kind of high-end packaging that wouldn’t look out of place in a designer bag she used to work with.

Put Vertly to your lips

Check Out This 2 This Chic New Beauty Company Uses Cannabis In Its Products
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Her company, Vertly, is a line of hemp and cannabis lip balms of varying degrees of plant-infused potency, which includes a cannabis-infused option – that’s only available in California – for those who want to feel the light effects of the plant on the central nervous system, including relaxation, antiviral, and pain management.

When you apply cannabis topically, you’re never going to get that stoned high. It doesn’t enter your system that way, but you have more of the subtle benefits. – Mata

Then there’s another butter that contains CBD, the “miracle molecule” in cannabis that has been linked to balancing the immune, digestive, and nervous systems and reducing pain, of course.

It promotes a subtle state of tranquility and generally helps to relieve anxiety. And it can help with headaches, cramps, and pain.

Although, those that are happy to remain at their regular frequency can opt for a standard, hemp seed oil lip butter, which is rich in omega-3 and 6, shea butter, and coconut oil – “that is great for repairing sun damage.”

Mata, who also has ChapStick-like tubes of the balm in the works, sees Vertly as a sort of nano-dosing.

You can enjoy these throughout the day and never feel like you’re not in the right headspace.