Censoring. One of the most irritating things about public television. All the best movies without the best scenes. No one says what they really think, and everything gets packed into a pretty, soft hearted package that just makes you sick. Well, the Trailer Park Boys, Canada’s favorite bunch of miscreants, say f**k that s**t. Welcome to

What the *#@$!

Swearnet 1 F*ck Mainstream Media, You Need To Watch
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Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles rocked the world with their unique outlook on life, politics, and getting f***ed up. But movies only last for a few hours each. These guys party all night long.

So to spread their trailer park wisdom with the masses, they created, the first truly uncensored network to showcase all their coolest s**t.

Gettin’ learnt with Ricky

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The exclusive platform for Trailer Park Boys content features all the real s**t you should f***ing know. Find life hacks, f***ing handy tips, and bong making skills with Gettin’ Learnt with Ricky.

When the munchies strike, Ricky shows you the secrets of making a great snack that doesn’t taste like s**t. His home expertise includes how to take on six-legged pests, cooking with a blowtorch, and how to make things explode.

High F***ers

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If weed is your obsession, then watch High F***ers, as Sam Tarasco and Amy Anonymous take on dozens of strains, pot celebrations, and some intense smoking games.

Amy Anonymous hits all the high life of Canada’s biggest bong lover bashes. Check out 4/20 and the Karma Cup in Toronto, a weed invasion of SiriusXM radio, and the Global Marijuana March. Meanwhile, Sam gets messed up on dabs and some of the world’s strongest strains!


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Watch the Boys open fan packages holding stuff that you won’t believe even made it through Canadian customs in Mailbag. The Trailer Park Boys have a lot of fans, most of whom are as crazy as they are, or even more.

Opening fan gifts and free s**t from across the globe, the guys are awed, humored, and even disgusted by tokens of misguided affection. Who thought they needed dildoes? Samurai swords? A leg brace? They do see some amazing fan art and cool weed gizmos, but the rest is insane.

Swearnet 5 F*ck Mainstream Media, You Need To Watch
Photo credit not only hosts the hit Trailer Park Boys Podcast and plenty of original shows but commercials for even crazier series the guys don’t have the money to make, yet.

With everything from Extreme F***ing Weather to animations, contests to Kitty of the Week, you don’t need main stream media ever again.

You can check out free previews of each series. Oh, forget that, you want it all. Subscriptions for only cost $4.20 a month or $39.99 a year. Cheaper than those other streaming networks, and way f***ing cooler.

 F*ck Mainstream Media, You Need To Watch

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