If you love sparkly, colorful, and beautiful things, then you might be a girly girl. Or man, because let’s be real, anyone can be girly. At least they could be, anyway. Sure, some folks look at girly odds and ends and think of how gaudy and how freaking extra they are. But those who love them would much rather be extra than boring. Even when it comes to pot products, there’s always room for glitter, bling, and all those cute things. From fancy-schmancy rolling trays to necklaces that hold tiny, adorable joints, here are 7 products for people who love girly stuff and weed.

1. Real marijuana leaf stash jar

Girly Stuff And 1 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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Every girly person needs an over the top stash jar. And as you can see, this fits that description perfectly. But its bling isn’t the only thing that makes it precious. There’s also a real white widow pot leaf embedded in the bottom.

2. The Smoke Two Joints necklace

Girly Stuff And 2 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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If joints are your thing, then you’ll love this adorable little necklace. In fact, this pendant comes with your choice of two flavored joints, not real, of course. But still, it’s a great girly, weed-friendly accessory. And if you and your BFF want to get your match on, then friendship sets are also available.

3. SilverHaze OG Bling rolling tray

Girly Stuff And 3 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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Why settle for a plain ol’ rolling tray when you can have one that’s sparkly and beautiful? From time to time, rolling up can seem like a chore. But not with this baby, she’s too lovely to resist and will make you want to roll a blunt or joint, or you know, ten of each.

4. Mermaid weed grinder

Girly Stuff And 4 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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This grinder isn’t just vibrant and colorful, but it’s also magnetic, which means your goods will stay put and protected. There’s a kief catcher, too, and a mini scraper to help you gather up your crystal collection. And if Ariel is your favorite Disney princess, then that makes it even more special.

5. Belle

Girly Stuff And 7 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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At first glance, you would think this was just some cute vase. But it’s actually a bong called Belle, who looks like a lady but smokes like a beast. Her bright yellow self is going to cost you a pretty penny, but she will undoubtedly light up your world.

6. Perfume Bottle Water Pipe

Girly Stuff And 5 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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In case you need a super girly water pipe to add to the rest of the gang, check out this treasure. Made of high-quality glass and hand-blown right in the USA, she’s far from being an average smoking device but hits just as good as she looks.

7. Cozmic Narwhal Dabber

Girly Stuff And 6 7 Perfect Products For Girly Stoners
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Just for the girly folks out there who like to dab, here is a dabber that is absolutely stunning. In fact, this baby is blown with UV reactive colors, and doubles as a concentrate scooper and a carb cap. Like the website says, “Whale ain’t that convenient!”