Cannabis lubes are nothing new. But if you haven’t noticed, a lot of them smell exactly like what’s inside: weed. So to change up the game, professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse is bringing you Velvet Swing, a cannabis-enhanced sexual lube. Along with THC, it also contains CBD, the two secret ingredients to great sex. And unlike other pot lubes on the market, this bad boy is safe to use with latex. Velvet Swing may not get you high per say. But it sure will elevate your hoo-hoo.

Meet Mistress Matisse

Professional Dominatrix Makes 1 Velvet Swing Is The New Cannabis Lube From A Professional Dominatrix
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What happens when you mix weed and sex? Magic, that’s what. And that’s all the more reason to learn about the latest cannabis-enhanced lube to hit the market, Velvet Swing.

If you’re looking to up your sex game, then Mistress Matisse, founder of Velvet Swing, is here to help the ladies out. Also a writer and a professional dominatrix, Matisse knows her product isn’t the first of its kind. However, unlike the rest of the lubes out there, hers doesn’t reek of pot.

When it came time to sit down with a local cannabis community member to talk about developing a new product, she knew what she wanted from the start. In addition to a silky, water-based material that didn’t smell like weed, she also wanted a lube that contains both CBD and THC. And that’s exactly what she got.

While Velvet Swing doesn’t necessarily have any medical benefits to offer, it is life-changing, she says. For the better, apparently, considering 80% of women tested claim their orgasms were not only longer, but also stronger,

In addition to increased blood flow and sensitivity, it raises the general level arousal and excitement. Women have reported longer and more powerful orgasms with the product.

Velvet Swing

Professional Dominatrix Makes 1new Velvet Swing Is The New Cannabis Lube From A Professional Dominatrix
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So, besides the weed-free smell, what makes Velvet Swing stand out from the rest? Well, it just so happens to be a water-soluble lubricant, meaning it can be used safely with latex products like condoms and dental dams.

Since it’s made with vegetable-based cellulose, it still has a slippery consistency, making it especially appealing for vegetarians. And it’s certainly not hard to apply. All it takes is a couple of sprays on the hoo-hoo and roughly 20 minutes to see results. However, the effects will reach their peak at about 40 minutes in, and can last two hours or longer.

Of course, the number one question is will it get you high? The answer is no, not really. But your lady parts might feel a little something-something, so you’ll probably want to wait to use it when you have free time.

Women aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this game-changing weed lube. Men are loving it, too. After all, the product is marketed for couples, so there’s fun to be had on both ends.

In the future, you can expect more unique products to be rolling out that will also spice up your sex life. Matisse says that she would like to offer a luxurious box that includes a variety of medicated products. So stay tuned for that.