Edibles are known for the intense, full-body high they deliver. However, it can take up to two hours to feel the full effects of these delicious treats, depending on an individual’s unique digestive system. The waiting game can be tough, but it’s crucial to avoid overmedicating. Luckily, there are a few ways to naturally speed up the effectiveness of edibles. Extra attention at the beginning of dosing can lead to faster relaxation for an extended time period.

Bypass traditional methods

This Is How 1 1 This Is How To Get Edibles To Hit You Faster
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Rather than eating an infused cookie or brownie, most commonly baked using cannabutter, place THC tinctures under the tongue. Infused butter must pass through the entire gastrointestinal tract before THC is absorbed into the bloodstream, delivering the full-body effects. This is why edibles can take so long to be felt.

By placing a few drops of tincture under the tongue, and holding it there for up to ten minutes, the tongue’s abundant amount of membranes and capillaries will absorb the THC much more quickly.

Learn how to make your own tinctures here.

Infused drinks

This Is How 2 1 This Is How To Get Edibles To Hit You Faster
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Much like the tinctures, cannabis-infused drinks are absorbed quickly in the mouth, while also passing through the digestive system more quickly than a solid fat would, like cannabutter.

They’ve been long overlooked in the past, but cannabis drinks are starting to take hold of some series shelf space in dispensaries. Everything from coffee and tea to alcohol and smoothies exists, with seemingly endless flavor options.

Infused drinks, like many of the edible options, offer a discreet way to consume cannabis. No one would assume your lemonade in delivering more than a citrusy afternoon pick-me-up.

Extra special edibles

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Specially formulated edibles are being created to deliver near-instant effects. These treats are designed to bypass the long digestive tract and go straight to the bloodstream. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, THC effects can begin to take hold.

Peter Barsoom, founder of the cannabis chocolate company 1906, says his products deliver their potent-punch thanks to a “proprietary lipid microencapsulation process,” which allows more THC to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Since the effects will be felt shortly after ingesting, consumers will be able to better gauge their perfect amount. As with any edible, use caution when dosing the rapid-release versions. Start low, go slow. You can always consume more, but the side effects of overmedicating are never fun and so easily avoidable.

Metabolism boost

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By speeding up the metabolism, food is digested more quickly. Depending on the individual, some may have naturally fast metabolism, while others are prone to a slower digestive time. However, if you’re one of the individuals with a slower system, you can speed it up.

Balanced nutrition and adequate water consumption are vital to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Protein-rich diets provide the best metabolism-boosting foods, but it’s important to consume a balanced amount of other vitamins and nutrients, too.

Staying active and exercising can speed up the rate of digestion. If the rate of digestion is quicker, the edibles will move through the system more quickly and the effects will be delivered sooner. After you eat that carb-loaded canna-cookie, go run it off. It’ll intensive the high and burn the calories you consumed.