There are numerous strains and forms with which you can consume cannabis. With something for everyone, it’s hard to find yourself looking for something new. Who knew though, that you could find Kosher weed? For the Jewish community, this is huge news. If you’re confused or don’t understand the distinction, we’re here to answer the question: what’s the difference with Kosher cannabis?

What does Kosher cannabis mean?

Whats The Difference 1 What Does Kosher Cannabis Mean?
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By definition, the word kosher means “appropriate” or “fit.” Under religious law, Jews keep kosher as it pertains to food.

A food is deemed Kosher if the animal was raised a particular way and prepared a certain way. Additionally, a Rabbi must give the production process a “seal of approval” in order for a food to be officially Kosher. Lastly, dairy and meat products must be kept separate in order to be Kosher.

Traditionally, the Jewish faith follows these guidelines. Perhaps you’ve seen Kosher deli’s, which provide individuals with Kosher-certified meats.

Is weed Kosher?

Whats The Difference 2 What Does Kosher Cannabis Mean?
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The Jewish community has discussed this question quite often. Israel is a huge supporter and researcher of cannabis, particularly medical cannabis, so the topic has been discussed extensively

As one rabbi said in an interview, “Cannabis isn’t not Kosher.” So what does that me? Traditionally, something only needs to be certified kosher if your plan on eating it. Smoking and eating are not the same thing. Is your plan to consume weed, and your strive to keep Kosher, that’s a whole other ballgame.

Kosher-certified weed

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As Jewish tradition and cannabis culture collide, creating kosher weed is a must. Luckily, cannabis companies have been working to create Kosher weed products. Just a few days ago, in time for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, a Canadian company announced the release of their certified Kosher weed products.

Hydropothecary Corporation took every measure to ensure the manufacturing process, as well as additives, were Kosher. Certified by Rabbi Levy Teitlebaum, the line of cannabis products will have the Kosher-certified stamp on its packaging.

More to come in Israel

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As Israel continues to expand their medical cannabis program, there’s no telling how the demand for Kosher-certified cannabis will fluctuate. Since Israel just decriminalized cannabis, chances are it will be more in demand.

Additionally, as the nation continues to be the hub for cannabis research and development, Kosher practices are sure to permeate as studies continue.

More to come in the US

Whats The Difference 5 What Does Kosher Cannabis Mean?
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While Vireo Health or New York, a New York medical marijuana manufacturer has received Kosher-certification, will it stop there? Probably not. The cannabis community is notoriously inclusive, and by providing Kosher-certified products they are welcoming new traditions and catering to everyone’s medical cannabis needs.

It will be interesting to see how Kosher-certified products expand to every medical and recreational state.