For decades, marijuana enthusiasts have searched far and wide for strains with high THC contents, the cannabinoid in marijuana that’s responsible for getting you “high.” Not only do these strains promise to pack a serious punch, but if you’re a long-time marijuana enthusiast, your tolerance probably isn’t what it used to be. Therefore, consuming a cannabis strain with an ultra-high THC content promises to transport cannabis fans back to their blissful, early days of smoking.

Now, thanks to data from Washington state’s legal marijuana market, the holy-grail of high-THC marijuana strains has revealed itself. So what is the strain with the most THC? The answer might be Ghost OG.

About Ghost OG, “the strain with the most THC”:

Ghost OG is a strain derived from OG Kush, a notorious high THC West Coast strain that has deep roots in California marijuana culture. OG Kush itself is one of the world’s most popular strains, but interestingly, cannabis fans consistently leave better reviews for Ghost OG than OG Kush.

This strain is a hybrid between indica and Sativa and is well known for its extremely potent body-buzz and cerebral effects. For this reason, first-time smokers might want to stay clear of Ghost OG or at least consume this strain at low dosages.

This strain has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its strong-effects, deliciously sweet and citrusy aroma, and its THC frosted appearance.

According to lab data this is the cannabis strain with the most THC 1 of 2 According To Lab Data, This Is The Cannabis Strain With The Most THC
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How much THC is actually in the strain with the most THC?

According to Washington state’s lab data, this strain has an average THC content of a whopping 28%.

This is a staggering amount of THC, considering that other strains recognized for their high THC content usually hover around the 20% mark.

It’s worth remembering that this 28% THC is only an average, meaning that cannabis fans who get their hands on this strain may end up with a product with slightly lower, or even slightly higher amounts of THC.  But if you’re looking for the strain with the most THC, your best bet is likely Ghost OG

Ghost OG’s high THC content and why choosing the strain with the most THC benefits medical marijuana patients.

As a strain with the most THC content, Ghost OG is an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients looking to treat a number of ailments. Those with disorders like fibromyalgia can use this high THC strain to effectively treat chronic pain. And thanks to its hybrid mixture of indica and Sativa, medical marijuana patients don’t have to worry about getting too tired and dragged down by this strain.

This strain has also been known to make consumers hungry, which makes it a great choice for medical marijuana patients looking to combat eating disorders or a chronic lack of appetite.

The high THC content of this strain also makes it ideal for those looking to de-stress or deal with depression or anxiety.

And thanks to its indica properties, those suffering from insomnia can also use this strain as a sleep aid before bed.

Is Ghost OG the one-and-only strain with the most THC?

Remember, this is simply the strain with the most THC among strains available in Washington state’s lab data. So it’s possible that there are other strains with similarly high THC in other states or countries. But since Washington state was the first state alongside Colorado to roll out recreationally legal weed legislation (giving the state’s industry a major head start) it’s safe to assume that it has some of the best weed in the country. And among the best high THC weed in the country, so far it looks like Ghost OG is the strain with the most THC.