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These seven US politicians who support cannabis legalization have introduced real legislation and directly engaged the cannabis industry.


Flushing your growing medium is the easiest way to drastically improve the quality of a crop before harvest. Here’s why you need to flush your weed.

flush your weed

Is it safe to use CBD during pregnancy? Research on the subject is skant, but here’s the scoop on how cannabidiol may impact pregnancy.

CBD During Pregnancy

Rather than risk illness or waste any precious bud, preventing mold is one of the easiest ways to protect against bud rot.

bud rot

The Hemp Industries Association “strongly disagrees with the DEA position” and is “ready to take action” if the DEA tries to declare CBD as Schedule 1.


A new study suggests that access to medical cannabis means fewer opioid-related traffic fatalities.

Traffic Fatalities

Portland cannabis lovers may soon have delivery bud! The Portland City Council approved a measure permitting delivery services.


Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is one of the most commonly inherited neurological disorders, but treatment options for the condition are sorely lacking.

How well do you know your plant parts? Today’s cannabis anatomy lesson is all about the calyx, the most resin-dense part of the plant.


Many patients use CBD oil to manage symptoms from debilitating disorders, like epilepsy. Now, the DEA has declared CBD extracts illegal.

cannabis tinctures

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are all the rage these days. But, are they really worth the extra cash? Here’s the scoop on everything autoflower.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Thanks to new research out of Miami, in a few years concussions may be treated with a single cannabis pill made of compounds from cannabis plants.

Cannabis Pill

How well do you know cannabis anatomy? Here’s everything you need to know about the cola, the best and most smokable part of the herb.


Move over Tupperware… Seniors might need cannabis more than any other age group, but how much do they know about the herb?


A completely automated grow system, the LEAF looks like a refrigerator and can be controlled with just a touch of a button.


The recent study found that the cannabis compound halted liver cancer tumor development while the cells were in the early stages.

Liver Cancer

Cannabis is popular among patients with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, but what about cerebral palsy? Here’s how the herb could help.

Cerebral Palsy

New growers should consider investing in auto-flowering seeds. Not only are they fast to bud, but they feature improved resistance to cold climates.

Royal Queen Seeds

Medical cannabis legalization has been on Ireland’s radar over the past several months, as parents fight for cannabis access for their sick children.


Which is better, LED or high-pressure sodium? Kind LED is busting these 5 myths about grow lights to help you grow the optimum yield.

Kind LED

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