Anna Wilcox

Inspired by a relentless curiosity about all things in nature, Anna has over five years of experience as a health and wellness writer for various outlets. When she’s not writing for Herb, she can be found relaxing on the beach with her dog.

Mary Jane and a cup of Joe go together like two peas in a pod. These innovative cannabis coffee creations are the ultimate way to start your morning.

A major pharma company just donated $500,000 to keep weed illegal in Arizona. A little digging shows that they admit the herb reduces their drug profits.


Patients in Tampa Bay finally have some relief. The region’s first medical cannabis clinic is now open for business for a wide range of conditions.


Turns out, college students these days do fewer drugs than their parents. Students are putting down the pills and picking up some herb.

College Students

The legalization battle just got a little heated in Arizona. A large pharmaceutical company paid big money to squash Proposition 205.

There’s a growing amount of evidence that suggests cannabis may be better for you as you grow older. But, does it really improve quality of life?

quality of life

Cannabis is becoming an agricultural commodity. Unfortunately, this has a big impact on indigenous cannabis varieties like landrace strains.

Landrace Strains

We’ve added a new section to our site! You can now browse through information on all of the most common cannabis strains. Here are the details.

Is big cannabis right around the corner? Here’s how mega tech companies and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are getting involved.

Silicon Valley

Looking for healthy, glowing skin as you age? Cannabis may be able to lend a hand. Here’s how the herb protects your skin from daily damage.


Baby boomers are drinking more than ever. But, can access to cannabis decrease death rates? Here’s the scoop on how alcohol kills and cannabis heals.

Baby Boomers

Will we ever get to 100% pure THC extractions? While these dabs aren’t quite there yet, they sure come close. Time to get reacquainted with your couch.

strongest dabs

Bone loss can lead to painful fractures and arthritis in aging adults. But, according to studies, cannabis helps to strengthen bones.

strengthen bones

Here’s all you need to know about why some strains turn black and why black cannabis is awesome.

Liver cancer can be difficult to treat, but does cannabis help? Here’s how patients are using cannabis oil to fight tumors.

Liver Cancer

Cannabinoids in our favorite herb are powerful cancer-fighters. These are the 4 ways compounds in cannabis kills cancer cells.

Cannabis Kills Cancer

Cannabis oil is a hot commodity these days. But, did you know that it’s actually easy to make yourself? Here’s how you make the best medical cannabis oil.

Best Medical Cannabis Oil

We’ve probably all had the munchies, but do some strains have the opposite effect? It sounds crazy but it’s true. Here’s the scoop on skinny weed.

skinny weed

Lebanese hash is hard to find, but what makes it so great? Kicking off our Hash Around The World Series, we’re giving you the wonders of Lebanese hash.

Lebanese hash

The NHS is making major moves in the UK. The MediPen means that for the first time, they’re taking a cannabis product seriously.


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