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Inspired by a relentless curiosity about all things in nature, Anna has over five years of experience as a health and wellness writer for various outlets. When she’s not writing for Herb, she can be found relaxing on the beach with her dog.

CBD topicals have incredible benefits for the skin from anti-aging to anti-inflammatory properties. But did you know you can make them at home? This CBD lotion recipe will teach you how, step-by-step.

CBD has been touted as a miracle molecule that can treat everything from insomnia to inflammation, but does CBD for acne work? Herb’s full explainer includes everything you need to try it.

A woman rubs lotion on her face. Herb has rounded up the best CBD for acne products.

Women are taking control of their pleasure using CBD.

woman lying down in a field. In this article, Herb explores people can use CBD for endometriosis.

Access the CBD flower you need, wherever you are.

A man and woman putting packages into a van. In this article, Herb talks about a company that will mail you anxiety relieving CBD flower in all 50 states.

The best CBD oil for pain really depends on your condition. Whether you have an injured back or chronic migraines, let us help you find what you need.

Woman using a dropper for her cbd oil to treat her chronic pain.

CBD is showing a lot of promise in the treatment of autoimmune conditions. But with all the strains on the market, where should a patient begin? Here’s our endorsement for the best CBD strain for lupus.

Harlequin is the best CBD strain for Lupus.

There’s a booming CBD market for everything from arthritis to anxiety. Let us help you find the right product.

Here's What You Need To Know Before Buying CBD Oil Online

Many people struggling with depression are forgoing the use of antidepressants, for something more natural.

Antidepressants Can Kill You, Study Says

According to a recent report, 345,000 patients are being denied access to life-saving treatment under Texas’s restrictive medical marijuana laws.

Cannabis produces nutrients found in no other plant in the world. Humans have been eating the cannabis plant for over 9,000 years. So why did we stop?

Woman smoking cannabis through various fruits and joints

How should parents educate their children on drug use amid a paradigm shift in cannabis attitudes?

mom smokes with her 14 year old daughter

Weedmaps advertisements placed on billboards in close proximity to schools are causing controversy in Canada.

Anti-Cannabis Canadians Cause Commotion Over Weedmaps Billboard

Stressed? A new study has discovered that a single dose of CBD might lower your blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Blood Pressure

Cannabis may reduce stroke by bringing more oxygen into the brain, this breakthrough human study suggests.


Consumers in canna-friendly regions have access to purified CBD crystals. But, what are they exactly and how do you use them? Here are the details.

CBD Crystals

Wondering where THC goes after you smoke it? Here is a basic breakdown about how your brain and body process ingested cannabis.


Getting a great dab experience is an art form. Hoping to make your dabs clean, easy, and portable? The Vivant DAbOX can help.


Cannabis has been a part of human life for over 10,000 years. Here’s why we have cannabinoid receptors and what they mean for overall health.


A new study examining 1,989 twins suggests that teen cannabis consumption does not decrease IQ. Surprised? Here are the details.


Does cannabis cure cancer? Substantial trials in humans have yet to be completed, but over laboratory and animal studies suggest there’s potential.

Cancer Cells

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