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Inspired by a relentless curiosity about all things in nature, Anna has over five years of experience as a health and wellness writer for various outlets. When she’s not writing for Herb, she can be found relaxing on the beach with her dog.

Paralyzed by ganglia necrosis, cannabis helped this New Zealand teenager regain the use of her arms.

Studies have shown that compounds in cannabis effectively kill current antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA.

Scientists are still struggling to figure out how marijuana affects motivation: will smoking a few joints make you permanently lazy? Like most things in the canna-science world, the answer to that question is complicated.

According to the DEA, a Schedule 1 Drug is a drug that has no medical value and has a high potential for abuse. So alongside cannabis, which has countless proven medicinal benefits, what other drugs sit in this category?

Like any new experience, learning how to smoke weed properly may take some practice. Here are a few tips that can lend a hand to those struggling to experience the full psychoactive effects.

Forget the DEA, marijuana businesses are under attack by a much more subtle Federal enemy: the Internal Revenue Service.

You don’t have to be a medical marijuana user to know cannabis can improve your life. Studies are showing that marijuana may be a key supplement for preventative health.

Cannabis helps improve lives

Marijuana and muscle spasms – a great combination for those looking for relief from muscle pains, cramps and spasms.

Marijuana and muscle spams

No one likes smoking dried out weed. Proper storage is the key. Find out how to store your weed so it stays fresh.

Store weed in a Cannador

If you want to keep your lungs healthy, smoke is bad. However, with the steps and methods outlined here, you can keep your lungs as healthy as possible.

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